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By | July 27, 2020

Live Tracker-Mobile and vehicle tracking system

In this modern era security is the main requirement for all kind of people you might have lost your mobile or forget where you have placed it but now you no need to worry about this after the launching of “Live Tracker-Mobile and vehicle tracking system” through this app locate your phone within no second through safe and secure method. Live tracker mobile is very simple to use just open the software and put the number you want to locate and start tracking after few seconds you will track your favorite number with quick access. This service is GPS located if the person has enabled the GPS services so we locate him/her easily otherwise it can be the address of the honor of the mobile number.

Track location of your stolen mobile phone

live tracker mobile not only traces the phone number on GPS service but also gives you the facility to find the stolen phone of yours through online free cellphone tracker so in this way if your mobile phone is stolen or snatched just install this app and find your phone in an easy way. You can also find the new SIM card running on your device by just installing this new application.

Will give you CNIC

Live tracker mobile will also give you the proper indentity means CNIC of the person who is using his/her sim card on your phone so you may find that person by simply clicking the one button not only CNIC you will also find the name of the person using sim card on your device.

Helps to decrease crime

Live tracker mobile helps us to skip crime in society by knowing the identity and id of the person using stolen phones. Through this software it is very easy to locate someone location doing some inappropriate things.

Safe and secure

This software is very secure and safe to use. This app contains no virus and harmful danger and caches so use software without any worry. This software will also provide you the latest cookies so this app will run smoothly on your device.

Software size

If we talk about the storage many people will think this software will acquire a lot of storage butt in real it occupies only 6.26 MB so it will not harm your storage and does not cause any problem on your device as it is compatible for all capacity of phones.


Live mobile tracker helps you in your daily routine tasks whenever your mobile is stolen or you want to trace someone open this app and run the process. This app also allows you to trace some ones location easily and also gives you a chance to find his/her CNIC and address who is running SIM card on your device. This application free and is without any registration so you no need anything to start this app.\

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